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Case Study 2
AWS’s user-focused web solutions, robust database management capabilities, and overall flexibility make it the perfect choice for your membership needs.


The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has emerged as one of the most active international business organizations in the country in recent years.

A vibrant organization headquartered in New York City, the Chamber is dedicated to forging stronger trade and business ties between Brazil and the United States through seminars, major conferences, roundtables, publications and other member services.

It conducts monthly meetings, quarterly events, and two important, annual, economic conferences. Dues were collected annually. Meeting announcements were created and mailed on a regular basis.

  1. Website had been created in house, it was outdated, slow and did not provide much information.

  2. Updates to website content had to be done manually via HTML coding. It was often out of date, limited and stale.

  3. Website design, content and features did not present the organization as the vibrant force it is in the business community.

  4. Member data was often out of date since all updates required members to fax, mail, or call-in changes. Those changes were then manually entered by association staff; sometimes resulting in data entry errors.

  5. Member information on website was limited to company name, member name and industry.

  6. Website did not provide any additional benefits to Members

  7. Annual membership renewal reminders were mailed back to the association and included check payments in most cases. Some members would forget to include payment and would have to be sent a reminder.

  8. The process for accepting new member applications was convoluted and time consuming. New members had to send in an application, once accepted be billed, send in their annual fee and only then would their online information be entered online.

  9. Advertising on website was limited to home page, limiting revenue possibilities.


  1. We developed a clean and contemporary design with easy to navigate architecture and dozens of interactive features.

  2. The website is now managed by our simple to use Content Management System. Updates to the website are now quick, easy and frequent.

  3. The new design and website architecture now presents the Chamber as the industry leader it is.

  4. Member data is now regularly and easily updated by the Members themselves as well as by the system administrators.

  5. Members can now be easily found via a comprehensive Directory Search

  6. Each member now has a full page of contact and profile information they can post to the website

  7. Members have specific benefits found in Members-Only Area

  8. In addition to comprehensive new content the website now provides:
  9. Current members can pay their membership dues online using their credit cards to pay instead of mailing in checks. The Automatic Subscription & Recurring Payment System also allows new members to easily apply online, make a payment and quickly receive a confirmation of the status of their application.

  10. Banner Advertising on website has been managed so that there are hundreds of pages with a much increased ability to generate revenue.


  • Increased revenues
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Greater interest in the organization and it’s website
  • Greater awareness of the organization’s website
  • Improved online image of the organization to new and current Members
  • Greater Member satisfaction
  • Decrease in Member attrition rates
  • Greater visitor satisfaction
  • Expansion of Memberships
  • Immediate updates to website

AWS’s Association Web Software has provided the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. with the proper tools it required for its management needs, delivering optimum results and resulting in greater Member and Administration satisfaction and improved returns.

Our clients have found AWS’s Association Web Software to be a solid asset enabling them to expand their Membership base with very little marketing efforts and capital, enhance the user and Member experience, bring renewed interest to their organization and their Members and also facilitate the management of Members and Memberships; all this while at the same time significantly eliminating ongoing costs.

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