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Content Management System

Our Membership Software has a unique and easy-to-use interface for all website administrative needs. The Content Management System (CMS), the foundation of our Membership Software, makes web updates simple and quick. This completely customizable system allows association staff to effectively and easily manage information both received by Members and displayed on the website.

The basic principle of a Content Management System is to separate content from its presentation. A Content Management System stores plain text and images in a discrete repository (either in a database or in a separate file system) to be plugged into HTML templates on demand. Site content is then updated without having to change the basic look and feel of the site, or the HTML.

The major benefit is that non-technical users can publish any and all content to the website and update it without needing help from an IT department or a web developer. Our Content Management System provides both efficiency and predictability to web publishing, while putting powerful tools in your hands.

The Content Management System allows for much faster updates to your website. With many organizations, if a site change is needed, the request has to go to the web developer. With our CMS you can make the changes directly and with our integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Text Editor, editing page content is a breeze, write content just like you would in a regular Text Editor like Microsoft Word.

Our CMS uses a Template Driven System that allows you to maintain a consistency of design throughout the website with no effort and a Dynamic Navigation System that manages and updates all navigation links on the site automatically. This allows includes the ability to easily change the template for the whole website or any desired single page with great ease and immediacy.

The Content Management System is the central part of our modular website management system. It allows for the other components; i.e. Article Manager, Event Manager, etc, to be plugged into it.


  • Secure login
  • Database integration for content updates
  • Manage content with fast update of web pages
  • Administrative ability to add/edit/delete pages
  • File Manager with ability to add /delete images and other files
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Text editor
  • Template Driven System
  • Dynamic Navigation System


  • Lower Costs
  • Quicker updates to website
  • Easy to use, very small learning curve
  • Maintains consistency of website design and navigation
  • Reduced time spent updating website

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