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Members-Only Area

Our Association management software shows its true colors with this feature. This module enables the administrator to make any website page or component page to be accessible only to members who log into the website. This private section gives Members access to non-public resources in a password-protected area to perform special functions. This can be an enticement for potential Members to join in order to have access to special promotions, discounts, education, materials, discussion boards, etc.

  • Member login, profile, user-role, and password management system
  • Administrative authority to add/edit usernames and passwords
  • Any page or component on the website can be restricted to Members-only
  • Single log in

  • Single log in
  • Secure area for Members only discussions, articles or information
  • Ability to provide services that are focused towards members only, such as a Member’s only Discussion Forum
  • Added value for Members
  • Ability to include specific or “sensitive” material on website for easy access by other members
  • Additional incentive to attract members back to society’s website periodically


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