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Discussion Forum
Shrink travel expenses by creating an on online community to have chat sessions or host a discussion forum. These sessions can be open to the public or restricted to particular groups. Board Members can discuss pertinent issues and events. Employers can hold online interviews and Members can find out what happened at the last event. Improved communication between association staff and Members creates added value to Membership.

If you are looking to enhance innovation and success within your organization, create active dialoged channels. The Forum provides you with a platform where ideas can be shared and the path to success can begin. Your users will enjoy the benefits of this message board tool that allows their valuable ideas and comments to be shared and stored.

The Forum system can add value to almost any web site. Whether you are building a small interactive community with a few Members or with thousands of Members, this fast, scalable, bulletin board engine can manage and help you grow your community.

The Forum empowers your Members and/or visitors to come back for interesting discussions, fun chitchat, or needed support without your organization having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in a support team.

Of course, power is nothing without control, which is why our Forum has a comprehensive and intuitive administration control panel.

To see an example of the Bulletin Board Forum in action click here.

  • Multiple Forums
  • Post announcements, questions, comments
  • Members can Add/Edit/Delete posted messages & replies
  • Custom Rich Text Editor so users can post with different colors, fonts and emoticons
  • Search Function
  • Moderators can lock, modify and delete topics and posts
  • Forgotten Password feature
  • Email Notification of Reply on a per-post basis
  • Members can hide their e-mail address from other Members

  • Complete web-based Administration functions
  • Configure which HTML tags are allowed in posts, if any
  • Reserved usernames
  • Configurable bad word filter
  • Manage Forums by adding new Forums, or editing existing ones
  • Ability to assign a Member as the Moderator for a specific Forum

  • Enhanced contact with your community
  • Grows your user base with minimal resources
  • Easy to use
  • Improved user satisfaction

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