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Web Design & Architecture

Information architecture focuses on designing effective navigation, organization, labeling, and search systems. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon the research and practices of information and library science, computer science, graphic design, and psychology. The role of the information architect is crucial to the planning and conceptual design/redesign stages of web development, as good information architecture lays the foundation upon which a website is built.

For a website to be successful and effective the Information Architecture needs to be well thought out and implemented. Information Architecture is one of the most fundamental aspects of a website. With a proper architecture visitors will find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, their experience will be pleasurable and they will leave the site with a positive opinion of your organization.

We will develop an Information Architecture that:
  • Is easy to understand.
  • Is consistent throughout the website.
  • Provides feedback.
  • Uses the minimum number of clicks to arrive at the desired destination.
  • Uses clear and intuitive labels.
  • Supports user tasks.
  • Is grouped into logical units.

In addition we will implement a professional and contemporary design. Effective website design enhances the website to the eyes of the visitors, current Members and potential new Members of your organization while working with the Information Architecture in making the website experience easy to use and enjoyable.

The impact that a successful design creates cannot be overly emphasized. With a new design the website will feel fresh and new to all of it’s visitors. Together with the dynamic features presented in this proposal your organizations’ web site will impress and excite its visitors while at the same time being extremely functional and effective for your organization and your Members.

We will create one (1) template for use throughout the website and up to thirty (30) simple content pages, meaning pages that are not component based and contain only text and images. All content must be provided by your organization unless you select the option of having us do the copywriting.


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