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Document Library

The Document Library is a way of storing, managing and distributing files on a website. For the website’s visitors, it is like a personal librarian. Website visitors type in keywords and the Document Library will narrow the list to only those files. Visitors can also narrow their search by category. Clicking on document’s link allows the website visitor to download that file. (view a sample here)

PDF files, Word docs, JPEGs, MP3s, etc… any file that the website administrator wants to share on their website can be easily uploaded by the website administrator via the back end and displayed on the website complete with file name, document icon, short description, long description, times downloaded, date uploaded, etc.


  • Categorize documents
  • Any type of document
  • Add/edit/delete documents
  • Add/edit/delete document categories
  • Full page description of each document
  • Number of times document was downloaded
  • Most popular downloads
  • Most recent documents


  • Make a library of documents available to your members 24/7
  • Enhanced contact with your community
  • Reduced Support Costs
  • Increased Member Satisfaction
  • Easy to use, very small learning curve

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